about Us

Essex Horticultural Machinery

Established in 2000 trading as Adam Potter Garden Machinery, running out of a home garage in Maldon, Essex. The business was run as a part time venture along side full time work in the ground care machinery industry. The business at that time had a fairly small client base concentrating on domestic machinery, but grew steadily over the years. In 2011 the business became a full time company with workshop facility’s outside Maldon. The name of the business was changed to A P Groundcare Machinery, and with the workshop facility to cope, the evolution continued.

The company then started to work along side more commercial clients in the horticultural and arboricultural industry, repairing more commercial grass machinery like gang mowers and wood chippers, as well as the domestic clients we have come to know and love. With the friendly customer service based approach to work the business continued to grow and evolve over the years, and in 2018 the company was changed again into Essex Horticultural Machinery, and with the ongoing culture of customer service and quality work we hope to continue to offer more services in the near future. We look forward to meeting you soon, and cultivating another great working relationship.

Please contact us with an enquiry about your repair